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Can you buy bitcoin with a prepaid visa gift card?

I recently received 2x 100$ Visa Vanillagift prepaid cards and I want to buy btc with them. I am in the US. Is there any way I can buy btc (not p2p) and no ID verification online? I’ve heard of a website but idk if I can use prepaid cards or if theres any verification
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I tried to find a way to buy bitcoin in Canada using a Visa/MC Gift card, apparently that is "impossible". So I'm willing to buy using e-transfer, but I'm afraid the sites I buy from can connect it to me. Is that so? And no I'm not buying anything illegal (see comment for details)...

Usually I use a gift card credit card for these things but it's more I'm going to be completely honest with what I like to buy (you can laugh all you want).
1) First is Chaturbate Tokens. You get the most "bang for your buck" by using bitcoin and that's the first thing I want to buy. It's my vice, I know I'm a loser but whatever, I enjoy it. 2) Phone verification. Sometimes I will send someone $2.50 or something (either on reddit or elsewhere) on paypal to verify a phone number account for something like discord. I don't want my real number on discord or other services other than the big 5 (Google/Microsoft/eBay/Amazon/Facebook). I don't trust the "smaller" guys and a lot of these random services want phone numbers, so I use services on reddit to do that.
So my questions are;
1) I can definitely not buy using a Visa or MC gift card, right? 2) Assuming I buy using e-transfer, what is the best site? And will they require government ID or can I just send from my real bank account?
For #2, I don't really care about them knowing my name/address, but I don't want a random bitcoin site having government documents with them. If it was RBC or CIBC I wouldn't care, but these random exchanges I dont trust yet.
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Can I buy bitcoin with visa gift card

Can I buy bitcoin with Visa gift card?
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Where can I buy bitcoin using a OneVanilla Visa gift card?

I don't want to do it at paxful, they have bad rates.
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Can you buy bitcoin with a prepaid visa gift card? (x-post from /r/Bitcoin)

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Buying bitcoin with visa gift card

Hey does anyone know of a way I can buy bitcoin with a vanilla visa gift card without KYC?
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Where can I buy Bitcoin with a visa gift card. I got a few gift cards for Christmas and can’t seem to unload them to by more.

Any suggestions. It’s a visa gift card.
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I want to buy bitcoin with my loaded visa prepaid gift card.

Is there any sites that allow me to buy bitcoin with visa gift card and doesnt need ID card information or age verification?
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Can I buy bitcoin off of the website coinbase by using a VISA gift card?

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Best way to buy bitcoin with visa gift cards

I have a couple visa gift cards that I want to turn into btc with minimal fees. I have coinbase and a couple other wallets. Ideas? Thanks in advance
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Buying bitcoin with visa gift card

Hi I’m new to bitcoin and I don’t want to use my personal credit card and link my bank account to this and I was wondering if I can use visa gift cards and if anybody can give me links and tips on how to buy the bitcoin I already tried on Coinbase and it says these cards are not supported can anyone help me
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Which websites lets you buy Visa gift cards with bitcoins?

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Where can I buy bitcoin with a visa gift card? Not Paxful or local bitcoin

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Buy bitcoin with visa gift card

I have a $25 Target Visa Gift card I got from my birthday so I don’t have receipt for it, is there any way I could buy some bitcoin with it
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how to buy bitcoin with visa gift card?

I got a $50 visa gift card as a gift. I don't really use them for anything but I've been thinking about trying out bitcoin. Is it possible to buy it with a visa gift card and if so what is the easiest way to go about doing it?
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Buying Bitcoin with Visa Gift Cards

I’ve recently been buying bitcoin through a Bitcoin ATM which takes out like 10% as a fee. I want to find a better way to obtain Bitcoin preferably in a way that I can use cash onto a card and buy it online
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How can I buy bitcoin with a Visa Gift Card?

I've been searching around, and I've seen this question asked a lot. But it always gets a bunch of different and conflicting answers, and the OP never seems to update with his eventual solution. I'm sorry if you guys are tired of hearing this.
I have a few hundred dollars in Visa Gift Cards, and I'd like to use it to purchase bitcoin. This will be my first purchase so it's all very confusing. The gift cards have the word "Debit" on them, if that means anything.
I've found that you can use gift cards to buy Linden dollars from VirWox and then exchange them for bitcoin. But it seems that this could take up to 48 hours for some reason. Is this the case? If so, I'd prefer a more speedy method if one exists. Also, VirWox seems to have a really low max amount (like $90 iirc) that you can buy at once. Is it possible to make multiple purchases at the max amount in a short time?
There are some people on LocalBitcoins who accept Visa Gift Cards, but they're charging like 150% the going rate for bitcoin, and I'm worried about being scammed. How can I know if users on LocalBitcoins are legit?
Some people claim to have had success with Circle, others claim no success. It seems to be pretty hit-or-miss. So what's the deal with Circle?
I've seen mentioned. All of the listings on their site say "Bank of America," "Any local credit union," "US Bank," etc. Is it possible to buy bitcoin with my gift card on, and how do I go about it/which listings can I use? has been suggested. I don't know much about it. How does it work?
I'd appreciate any advice on using these sites or any others you guys know of. I'd love it if I could find a way to purchase my coin in less then 24hrs, but if I must use VirWox and suffer a long wait, I guess it is what it is.
Thanks everyone!
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How can I buy bitcoin with a VISA GIFT card?

Ok i have seen a couple other posts from a couple years ago saying, paxful, or by some trickery through amazon. But I am searching for better options and I hope something has changed since then or there is something that i haven't seen mentioned yet.
I have a $50 vanilla visa straight up gift card. I will paxful it if I have to but I'd like to know if anyone knows some easier methods that don't involve photoing the card and receipt.
Also, don't bother explaining to me about oh well heres why most places wont do that its because of chargebacks and fraud.
Yea i know. All i want. Is to type the numbers in, and VOILA! Bitcoin.
Can this be done? How? Thank you.
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Cryptopay , Innovative banking services for a digital world - Buy and sell Bitcoin - Gift cards - Loans - Wallet Bitcoin, $, £, € + Card Visa plastic - Android App & iPhone + Contest:

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does anyone know where I can buy bitcoins that accept a visa gift card(not debit card)?

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How can I buy bitcoin using only Visa Gift Card?

Ok I am a homeless vagabond and I want to get some bitcoin. The only way I can get money by credit card is by getting visa gift cards. Now I'm talking about straight up gift cards, no signups or registrations, like vanilla visa and the like.
Please let me know what you can about
  1. how to buy bitcoin directly with this.
  2. how to take a circuitous route where you buy something else or whatever then transfer that to bitcoin.
before you tell me about paxful, i am aware that i can get somebody to buy my gift card for BTC. However, the best going rate there is 78% .
Now i may be willing to accept this handicap if it is the only only way. But if someone can come up with a reliable method to achieve better than 78% on a visa gift card I will be very grateful and also reward you with a mention in my globalization blog site which I have recently started called "Jekyll Island News." located at
Thank you very much good day.
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How can I buy bitcoin with a VISA GIFT card? /r/Bitcoin

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Rise Wallet - Buy Bitcoin Easily Via Gift Cards - YouTube How to Buy Bitcoins Using Gift Cards - YouTube How To Use PAXFUL To Buy Bitcoins With Gift Cards - YouTube How To Buy Bitcoin With Gift Cards 2020 - YouTube Coinbase alternative - How to buy Bitcoin with Visa Card ...

How To Buy Bitcoin With VISA. Debit Card: Bank Account: PayPal: Gift Card: Last Update April 9th, 2020. VISA is a popular way for people all over the globe to make purchases online and in-person. VISA is an American multinational financial services corporation that facilitates electronic transactions worldwide. VISA issued debit cards and credit cards are incredibly popular methods of payment ... Buy Bitcoin. Get Started Wallet Mining Games News Exchange. Buy Bitcoin. Go Back Buy Gift Cards; 0 items in cart; Select a Category. Featured Cards All Cards General Merchandise Food & Restaurants Movies & Entertainment ... If you are going to buy Bitcoin using Visa gift card, or any other gift card you desire, the first step, pretty obviously, is to first obtain these gift cards. You can buy them any of the many retailers that sell them. To initiate a transaction, in most cases, the first thing a seller asks for is an image of the back of the card which clearly lists the actual gift card code. They will also be ... Buy Bitcoin with VISA Gift Card at Paxful: it’s easy, safe, and available 24/7. Choose the best offer and start trading now! Buy VISA gift cards with Bitcoin, Litecoin or with one of 50 altcoins. Once you have paid, you will instantly receive the voucher code by email. Buy gift cards; mobile phone top-up; Login; 0 Shopping Cart × continue shopping go to the shopping cart. Buy VISA gift card with bitcoins or 50 altcoins Buy now a VISA gift card with Bitcoin, Litecoin or one of 50 other crypto currencies offered ...

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Get on Paxful: Crypto University: In this step by step tutorial, I'll show you how to buy Bi... Buy bitcoin with Gift Cards. Use walmart, amazon, target, i tunes you name it. Buy bitcoin with credit cards. and more. Buying bitcoin is easy with gift card... - here you can buy bitcoins with Vanilla gift cards. This is peer to peer platform,, so you can buy BTC faster from people... This video will show how to use the marketplace PAXFUL to buy Bitcoins many different ways. You can use gift cards, Paypal, Wes... #bitcoin #cryptocurrency