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Will Coinbase Give Current Bitcoin Blockchain the Ticker Symbol BTC?

Now that Bitfinex has clarified their stand on SegWit2X and said it will "If the split is successful, the new cryptocurrency will receive the B2X symbol", how will Coinbase react?
Coinbase has already clarified that " Customers with bitcoin balances stored on Coinbase at the time of the fork will have access to bitcoin on both blockchains."
However, we still do not know how Coinbase will approach naming the two Bitcoin blockchains.
Here is what I think is going to happen. Coinbase will probably be forced to give the BTC symbol to the current Bitcoin chain.
Why do I think this? The main reason is that when they are dealing with receiving funds from clients, & sending funds to clients, if all exchanges & wallets give different ticker symbol to the current Bitcoin chain, then there will be a much greater chance of replay attacks, loss of funds, etc, which could lead to messy law suits.
I also think that hardware wallets like Ledger & Trezor will give BTC symbol to the incumbent, for the same reasons.
Charlie Lee was proven right when he said Coinbase would have to support both blockchains.
Is Charlie Lee also right when he stated: " For practical reasons, the BTC symbol belongs to the incumbent, which is the original chain. This is because there will be no disruption to people who are running Bitcoin Core software and depositing/withdrawing BTC to/from Coinbase and GDAX. And only if you trade the coin on the 2x fork, would you need to download and run the BTC1 Segwit2x client."
Who do you think is going to win the fight for retaining the BTC ticker? And Why?
Disclaimer: This post is an educated guess, based on my current knowledge, which is very limited.
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Will Coinbase Give Current Bitcoin Blockchain Bitcoin the Ticker Symbol BTC? /r/btc

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Will Coinbase Give Current Bitcoin Blockchain the Ticker Symbol BTC? /r/btc

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Blockchain Bites: Dorsey Challenges Coinbase, Nasdaq Lists Diginex, Ethereum Miners Profit - CoinDesk

Blockchain Bites: Dorsey Challenges Coinbase, Nasdaq Lists Diginex, Ethereum Miners Profit
The Australian government is investing big in modern technology, Nasdaq saw its first crypto exchange operator listing and revenues are surging for Ethereum miners amid increased network activity.
Australia modernizes Australia will commit A$800 million (US$575 million) to invest in digital technologies as part of its coronavirus recovery plan, Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced Tuesday. The federal plan will see US$256.6 million for a digital identity solution, $419.9 million to fully implement the Modernising Business Registers (MBR) program, $22.2 million for small businesses training to utilize digital technologies and two blockchain pilot programs totalling $6.9 million. “The Plan supports Australia’s economic recovery by removing out-dated regulatory barriers, boosting the capability of small businesses and backs the uptake of technology across the economy,” Morrison said in the announcement.
Nasdaq launch Blockchain services firm Diginex has become the first crypto exchange operator to list on Nasdaq. The stock went live Thursday morning under the EQOS ticker symbol, a nod to the firm’s trading platform. CoinDesk’s Nathan DiCamillo reports Diginex’s back-door listing came through a merger with a special-purpose acquisition company (SPAC). Diginex CEO Richard Byworth said he expects a mix of global retail and institutional investors to buy shares. Over time, he expects the majority of Diginex shareholders to be U.S. investors because of the Nasdaq listing.
Dorsey responds Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey tweeted his disapproval of Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong’s mission statement to keep his company free and clear of politics. Dorsey argued that by the very act of being a crypto exchange, Coinbase was always already engaged in politics. “Bitcoin (aka ‘crypto’) is direct activism against an unverifiable and exclusionary financial system which negatively affects so much of our society. Important to at least acknowledge and connect the related societal issues your customers face daily. This leaves people behind,” Dorsey tweeted. Armstrong made waves this week – in and out of crypto – when saying Coinbase, and its employees, should keep work and activism separate.
Election predictions Putting stake to their claims, many crypto-political gamblers have cast their vote predicting who might win the contentious U.S. presidential election. CoinDesk markets editor Lawrence Lewitinn looked at the data following this week’s first presidential debate and found many are betting incumbent President Donald Trump will lose in November. While bettors on decentralized betting platforms like Augur and futures markets on FTX aren’t as bullish on the challenger, former Vice President Joe Biden, he does have the odds. “Thus what’s true at the time of publication can change on a dime. It is now fewer than five weeks until Election Day. Buckle up!” Lewitinn warns.
Mining profits HIVE Blockchain has reported its best-ever quarter, as the mining firm raked in record fees from the frenzied activity in decentralized finance (DeFi) over the summer. The Toronto-listed mining company released its unaudited results Thursday, saying it mined a total of 32,000 ether (ETH) and 121,000 ethereum classic (ETC) in the second fiscal quarter ending Sept. 30. Per CoinDesk’s price data, that comes to nearly $11.8 million for mining ether, and a further $664,000 for ethereum classic – approximately $12.4 million at time of writing. The figures represent a near 30% increase from the 25,000 ETH that HIVE mined in the first quarter and a 50% increase in the same quarter in 2019.
Stealth launch In the latest effort to smooth a path for buttoned-up investors, Talos, an institutional-grade conduit to the crypto ecosystem, is emerging from stealth mode to serve brokers, custodians, exchanges and over-the-counter (OTC) trading desks. The platform started out in 2018 and is backed by an impressive list of investors including Autonomous Partners, Castle Island Ventures, Coinbase Ventures and Initialized Capital. Over the past year or so, Talos has been quietly onboarding a core group of capital market participants, so that the platform can make its debut in a revenue-generating state.
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We made our store more Bitcoin friendly!

I was inspired by a post from a few days ago that one of the ways we can support the crypto ecosystem/help with widespread adoption is to have merchants take crypto. So this got me thinking and we've made some updates to our e-commerce website:
  1. Added a currency converter so you can see all prices in Bitcoin
  2. Changed that currency app's default ticker symbol from XBT to BTC
  3. Set the price decimals from 2 places to 8 places (otherwise all our products were showing up as 0.00 BTC)
  4. Integrated with bitpay and Coinbase as payment methods when you checkout
Hmm is there anything else we can do? Also thinking about running a campaign "Use Bitcoin"... That will be fun 😊
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Happy Tipping Tuesday! Now that this sub is the main Bitcoin sub in terms of activity, it's time for everyone to get some Education and some free Bitcoin. Post here and get free bits! Bitcoin Cash will defeat the legacy banking oligarch system!

As someone who cares about Liberty and freedom, I have instinctively understood the importance of Bitcoin for spreading economic freedom across the globe. Being sick of the legacy too-big-to-fail central bank fiat bailout scam systems where they print the money from thin air, I saw Bitcoin as a tool that can really liberate humanity and help us reach our ultimate potential. The fact is economic freedom improves this world, and the stakes are very large. We are fighting an oligarch banking system that prints money out of thin air, holding back humanity's potential with their scam system that only works to enslave and not liberate humanity. In the past people fought for liberty and gave their lives on bloody battlefields. Today we fight troll wars on social media, but the stakes are quite similar, if not multiplied in this new technological age. By supporting Bitcoin and Satoshi's vision of a worldwide honest cash system, its one of the only ways to help lift humanity up to our ultimate limitless potential. The oligarch's saw this threat which is why we are under heavy attacks. They stole Bitcoin and the ticker, and crippled the system with high fees, unreliable transactions, and Trojan horse tech, but Bitcoin Cash adapted, survived, and lives on as the common sense continuation of the money ledger. It turns out that its not so easy to stop an idea whose time has come.
Bitcoin Cash is the true Bitcoin that follows Satoshi's vision of common sense and on-chain scaling. BCH is The Manifestation of the Honey Badger. Trolls will point to market cap and say BCH is losing and not the real Bitcoin. However they fail to understand the nature of the war we are fighting. Bitcoin is all about breaking oligarchy, as nChain's paper explains. We are fighting against a banker oligarch takeover of Bitcoin. Since they print money from thin air, they have us outgunned when it comes to market capitalization/price. This is what the trolls do not understand. To think that the oligarch bankers that control the money monopoly would not try to attack the Bitcoin system would be naive. It appears they have pumped the BTC-Core price to outrun Bitcoin Cash the real Bitcoin as soon as their trojan segwit tech was deployed. They likely will use segwit, strangled blocks, and Lightning Network as the strangler fig to usurp the system changing it to fiat legacy banking system 2.0. What they don't want people to realize is that Bitcoin was always the underdog against fiat systems. Just because they usurped the name and BTC ticker for their fiat 2.0 system it does not mean they are winning the war. Its a clever tactic sure, but BCH is still the #1 cryptocurrency by market cap in the world, they have shifted some shells around in trickery, but Bitcoin-BCH is still fighting as the underdog against the oligarchs as it always has.
Not only this but the numerous problems in Lightning are acting as a bottleneck for development on Core. All this while BCH development is soaring with things like,, cashshuffle protocol, chainbet protocol, SLP token protocol, colored coins, tokeda, and much more. Now that we have solved the scaling issue we can finally build again. All this while numerous services like Dell, Steam, Reddit, Rakuten, Stripe, Circle, Microsoft, Fiverr, Satoshidice, Changetip, Expedia, and many more stopped accepting Bitcoin Core, while Coinbase, Bitpay,, satoshidice, tippr,, dark web all are adding BCH support.
They thought they could use censorship to shut us up. But now we are seeing that free speech is more popular than censored cult subreddits. We are battling some powerful oligarch interests. But they have vastly underestimated the spirit of the Honey Badger. There is a reason there is so much COINTELPRO trolling and dirty tricks being done to Bitcoin Cash and its supporters. There is a reason they need to use vote manipulation, shaming and bullying tactics, censorship, and dirty tricks to try to get us to shut our mouths. The truth is they are terrified of Bitcoin Cash and Satoshi's vision, which is why they need to use such tactics. They are doing whatever they can to pen the Honey Badger up in sheer desperation and terror that it will soon break loose ripping them limb from limb and devouring them whole.
I would like to mention that the recent turmoil in the BCH community over a November fork with different factions fighting each other is on a lot of people's minds. Some newbs may also be wondering about what is going on. They may be falling into the Fear Uncertainty and Doubt that is being pushed by a lot of Core trolls, as well as some genuine members of the BCH community. I would like to point out that these disputes are actually healthy. We don't want a system where one person or group controls things. We want a system where people are fighting for control. Its an economic incentive system with different factions competing. This is what keeps Bitcoin robust and was the genius of Satoshi's design. We don't need to worry about the troll wars because we have Nakamoto consensus as the whitepaper says:
They vote with their CPU power, expressing their acceptance of valid blocks by working on extending them and rejecting invalid blocks by refusing to work on them. Any needed rules and incentives can be enforced with this consensus mechanism"
Miners will decide what to support and the community should respect it. Many prominent BCH miners are also meeting in the next days to have a discussion on how to proceed with the protocol in November. The miners have put in their work and investment and have earned their right to vote on new rules. Most of us trolls have not, we are simply picketing outside the polling booth trying to influence how miners vote. They may care what the community thinks, but at the end of the day, Bitcoin is about self-interest, so they may also not necessarily care what the community thinks. Bitcoin was never designed as a democracy 1user 1 vote system as people like Core and Andreas Antonopoulos think. We should celebrate the fact that BCH has many competing implementations, compared to Core's centralized coin with BlockStream Gatekeepers. We also have miner groups challenging developers. Since the system was designed for miners to vote, this is obviously much healthier than developer dictatorships. Miners have much more skin in the game and are incentivized economically to make the right decision. Often times people forget Bitcoin is an economic incentive system.
So after getting a little bit of education, the point of this thread is to post and get free bits, especially for newbs that want to try Bitcoin for the first time. BlockStream admits BTC-Core is not for everyone. But we have news for them, BCH is for everyone!.
Post here and get some free bits. Bits is the historical unit for Bitcoin, but it also went extinct from the high fees on BTC-Legacy. Bits can only be feasible on BCH the real Bitcoin with low fees, it just doesn't work on Bitcoin-Legacy anymore. Coinbase and Bitpay had adopted bits before the fees killed it and my hope is they will embrace it for BCH again. There are 1 million bits in a BCH. If newbs have any questions please feel free to ask in the thread as well and get advice on anything, from potential coin splits, to how to use the tip bot, and withdraw to your own wallet, or other aspects about why Bitcoin-BCH is good, and why Bitcoin-BTC is so bad.
Reddit usage for tippr directions are here:
Information on chaintip the other tip bot is here:
I suggest using the wallet for withdrawing BCH because they have BCH as default. You may also want to try the Bitpay wallet, which has some added features like a shapeshift button to change your btc-segwits into Bitcoin-BCH ( has this as well), as well as an amazon button to purchase amazon gift cards instantly in the BitPay app using Bitcoin. And there is a bitcoin BitPay debit card option in the app as well.
In the BitPay wallet you will need to add the BCH wallet as a second wallet as its not there by default. So press the + symbol and create new personal wallet, then choose coin BCH and back it up.
If you need to change between legacy and the new cashaddr format then use this tool:
tippr stats are here
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ok, if i get this right, BCC is adopted by Bittrex, and BCH is adopted by Kraken. and price wildly fluctuates among exchanges.
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Should we refer to the Core 1MB HF by the ticker symbol XBC (Bitcoin Core) or BTL (Bitcoin Limited)?
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What is the best cryptocurrency?

After some research on the Different cryptocurrencies, I filter some best Cryptocurrency and I would like to share that information of that currencies.
Here are the 10 most popular cryptocurrencies in the world.
1) Bitcoin (BTC)
2) Etherum (Ether)
3) Ripple (XRP)
4) Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
5) Litecoin (LTC)
6) Dogecoin
7) Cardano (ADA)
8) NEO
9) Dash (DASH)
10) Monero (XMR)
1) Bitcoin (BTC): a type of digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds, operating independently of a central bank. Bitcoin transactions take place entirely online and offer a degree of anonymity to users, and they are securely recorded in a public ledger called a blockchain.
2) Etherum (Ether): Ether is a digital bearer asset (similar to a security, like a bond, issued in physical form). Just like cash, it doesn’t require a third party to process or approve a transaction. Ethereum is an open-source, public, blockchain-based distributed computing platform and operating system featuring smart contract (scripting) functionality. It supports a modified version of the Nakamoto consensus via transaction-based state transitions.
3) Ripple (XRP): Ripple is a technology that acts as both a cryptocurrency and a digital payment network for financial transactions. Ripple is a real-time gross settlement system (RTGS), currency exchange and remittance network. Using a common ledger that is managed by a network of independently validating servers that constantly compare transaction records, Ripple doesn't rely on the energy and computing intensive proof-of-work used by Bitcoin.
4) Bitcoin Cash (BCH): Bitcoin cash is a cryptocurrency created in August 2017, arising from a fork of Bitcoin Classic. Bitcoin Cash increases the size of blocks, allowing more transactions to be processed. Bitcoin Cash trades on digital currency exchanges including Bitstamp, Coinbase, Gemini, Kraken, and ShapeShift using the Bitcoin Cash name and the BCH ticker symbol for the cryptocurrency.
5) Litecoin (LTC): Litecoin is an alternative Cryptocurrency based on the model of Bitcoin. Litecoin was created by an MIT graduate and former Google engineer named Charlie Lee. Litecoin is based on an open source global payment network that is not controlled by any central authority. Litecoin is probably bitcoin's closest rival in terms of the use case.
6) Dogecoin: Dogecoin is a peer-to-peer open source cryptocurrency and falls under the category of altcoins. It is a decentralized virtual currency and uses peer-to-peer technology to carry out its operations. Dogecoin is used with a wallet on your computer, your smartphone, or a website. One of the most popular uses for Dogecoin is "tipping" fellow internet-goers who create or share great content. Think of it as a more meaningful "like" or upvote, with real value that can be used all across the internet.
7) Cardano (ADA): Cardano is the world's first peer-reviewed blockchain. Cardano is home to the Ada cryptocurrency, which can be used to send and receive digital funds. This digital cash represents the future of money, making possible fast, direct transfers that are guaranteed to be secure through the use of cryptography. Cardano’s platform consists of two layers. The Cardano Settlement Layer (CSL) is used to settle transactions that use ADA, Cardano’s cryptocurrency.
8) NEO: NEO is the first decentralized, open-source cryptocurrency and blockchain platform launched in China. The base asset of the NEO blockchain is the non-divisible NEO token which generates GAS tokens that can be used to pay for transaction fees generated by applications on the network. NEO tags itself as a “distributed network for the smart economy”, and NEO’s goal speaks volumes about their smart economy concept.
9) Dash (DASH): Dash is a form of digital cash. All transactions in Dash are recorded on a public ledger, or "blockchain." This way, everyone can ensure that the ledger is an accurate honest account of the currency. The currency permits fast transactions that can be untraceable. 45% of mined coins go to miners, 45% to master nodes and 10% into a fund that the DAO invests.
DASH stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension.
10) Monero (XMR): Monero is a digital currency that offers a high level of anonymity for users and their transactions. Like Bitcoin, Monero is a decentralized peer-to-peer cryptocurrency, but unlike Bitcoin, Monero is characterized as a private digital cash. It makes transaction details – like the identity of senders and recipients, and the amount of every transaction - anonymous by disguising the addresses used by participants.
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These Bitcoin companies already announced their position regarding a potential fork. If you didn't yet, please let your users know where you stand.

A joint statement by 20 exchanges

Including: Bitfinex, Bitstamp, BTCC, Kraken, BTC China, Poloniex, itBit, ShapeShift, bitt and others.
...we have decided to designate the Bitcoin Unlimited fork as BTU (or XBU). The Bitcoin Core implementation will continue to trade as BTC
However, none of the undersigned can list BTU unless we can run both chains independently without incident. Consequently, we insist that the Bitcoin Unlimited community (or any other consensus breaking implementation) build in strong two-way replay protection.


We are 100% supportive of the safe, tested SegWit functionality available for activation in core code today and believe it is by far the safest way to gain additional block space in the near term.
Bitcoin Unlimited does not meet the above tests for being a supportable fork today. In fact, it fails all three criteria. Additionally, there are serious problems with “emergent consensus”...
As such, we will not be able to provide support for a hard fork caused by Bitcoin Unlimited in its current form.


We cannot responsibly support Bitcoin Unlimited on the Bitrated platform as an altcoin due its lack of hardfork-related safety measures, its inherent re-org instability and its potentially prohibitive operational costs.
Bitrated is technically, financially and logistically unable to safely and reasonably support networks with unbounded block size or with the “emergent consensus” mechanism
In the case of the mainline Bitcoin client adopting an unbounded block size proposal, we will be forced to shut our full-nodes off and cease offering services for the BTC currency.

Canadian Bitcoin Economic Nodes

We support the activation of Segregated Witness as an immediate solution to Bitcoin scaling and as a fundamental component of a long-term capacity increases roadmap.
Any contentious hard fork of the Bitcoin blockchain shall be considered an alternative cryptocurrency (altcoin), regardless of the relative hashing power on the forked chain.
In addition, we believe Emergent Consensus fundamentally alters the nature of Bitcoin by increasing the responsibilities and powers of the Bitcoin miners, disrupting the existing checks and balances system.


...we support SegWit, both as an immediate yet cautious increase in block size, and as a first step for solutions like Lightning, which we are already building on.
We clearly recommend that issuers choose Bitcoin Core, as we believe it’s the safest option. For this reason, all hosted infrastructure supplied by us will continue to use Bitcoin Core. We also won’t be able to provide support for other forks.


I, Thomas Voegtlin, support Segregated Witness as a scaling solution for Bitcoin, and I am opposed to a hard fork initiated by miners running Bitcoin Unlimited.


As many of you might have noticed on Twitter, Bitsquare is in clear opposition to BU and I personally consider it not only as a reckless and irresponsible behavior [...] but as a political attack on Bitcoin.
In the rather unlikely event that they really start a hard fork and the even more unlikely event that they would succeed to take over the Bitcoin network and destroy the current version I would either move the main currency to what will be the follower project of the current Bitcoin Core development branch or move to another Altcoin like Monero.
This personal position might explain why I react rather emotional and radical in regards to BU. I experience it not only as a threat for Bitcoin but as a threat to the work I was spending my time the last 3 years.”


We will support Bitcoin Core continuously as BTC.
Poloniex agrees that any contentious hard fork must include replay attack protection


The Armory developers (goatpig, droark, and achow101) support Segregated Witness as is in its current form, and also support Bitcoin Core. The Armory developers also oppose hard forks that may attack the original chain.

Bitonic / Bl3p

We will not consider contentious hard forks (without industry-wide consensus) as Bitcoin. Instead we will consider it an alternative cryptocurrency which we will not, out of principle, support.
... we are not financially and technically capable of supporting Bitcoin Unlimited based on the "Emergent Consensus" principle, not for ourselves and not for our customers.
BL3P will, in any case, continue to support the blockchain that is based on the Bitcoin Core software. The bitcoins on this chain will be listed as 'BTC'.


GreenAddress does not support contentious hard forks that risk disenfranchising users, irrespective of hashing power. We believe that such an outcome would create an irreparable precedent that would severely undermine social trust in Bitcoin and potentially set it back for years to come.

Blockchainlab Milan

Indispensable prerequisites for a hard fork to be not contentious are:
  1. Clear activation and on-chain coordination processes.
  2. Long grace period which reflects a pessimistic and conservative assessment of node upgrade capacity.
  3. Strong 2-way replay protection which does not place excessive burden on the users.
  4. Wipe-out protection, meaning that the hard fork must be permanent.
  5. Must be entirely open-source at all times of the development and implementation process.
  6. Must be peer-reviewed and tested extensively over a sustained period of time.
Currently Bitcoin Unlimited is not in compliance with any of points outlined. supports a single version of Bitcoin, which is Bitcoin Core (BTC)
we consider any hard fork which is rolled out without industry-wide consensus, and therefore splits the network, to be an altcoin, not Bitcoin itself. This is irrespective of how much hash power the forked coin may have. Ours is only one voice of many, but this is entirely consistent with the view currently taken by the economic majority of Bitcoin exchanges.


In the case of a fork, we support the plan as proposed by Bitfinex, Bitstamp, BTCC et al. It will not be possible for any exchange, including BitMEX, to support both chains separately. For these reasons, BU will not be listed or used as a deposit/withdrawal currency until replay protection is implemented and BU is not at risk of a blockchain reorganization if the Core chain becomes longer.
Edit: adding others that come up in the comments


The only version of Bitcoin supported on the Coinbase platform today is Bitcoin Core, currently represented by the symbol BTC.
We may provide support for Bitcoin Unlimited in the future depending on market conditions and stability of the protocol, but we cannot guarantee whether or when such support may be available. Customers who wish to access both blockchains at the time of the hard fork should withdraw their BTC from Coinbase since we cannot guarantee what will happen during the hard fork or when this access may be available.
If one chain receives an overwhelming majority of support from miners, users, and exchanges, we reserve the right to alter the names of chains or discontinue support for certain chains in the future.


If a fork happens (with BU or anything similar in the future), ShapeShift will list it as a new coin (new name, new symbol). This is purely for practical reasons, not a judgement for or against. If the market decides to follow the BU chain, then after enough time, and with enough clarity on the market's decision (ie - not ambiguous), we would refer to that chain as Bitcoin and ShapeShift may reassign the name/ticker.
Hardforking from the main chain doesn't create an altcoin. It creates a decision point, on which every market participate must judge for himself. The outcome of those decisions, unpredictable ahead of time, is a more appropriate declaration of the true Bitcoin than any specific group within. Stated differently, if a majority doesn't get to declare what Bitcoin is, then certainly neither does a minority. It is a choice we're happy leaving to the market, anything else is the exact kind of centralization that Bitcoin was built to resist.
ShapeShift supports SegWit and a HF to larger blocksize, but does not support BU. We are seeing the utility of the Bitcoin network decay with time (while simultaneously becoming more expensive), and SegWit plus a HF to bigger blocks is the most practical and reasonable short and medium term solution.


We strongly oppose any attempt of contentious hard forks in Bitcoin. We’re one of the biggest individual bitcoin e-merchants worldwide, processing tens of thousands of Bitcoin tx every month. Fees are a huge issue for us and our users who make many small-value transactions, but [...] hard forking Bitcoin risks destroying everything that makes it unique and working. There are far better solutions for lowering fees. SegWit is currently the best step forward for bitcoin, and we will be using it immediately once it becomes available.
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I've been working on a bot for crypto subs like /r/bitcoin for a few days now. Say hello to crypto_bot!

Hey guys, I've been working on crypto_bot for some time now. It provides a bunch of features that I hope will enhance your experience on /bitcoin (and any other subreddit). You can call it by mentioning it in a comment. I started working on this a few days ago. I'm constantly adding new features and will update this post when I do, but if you're interested I'll post all updates and some tips at /crypto_bot. Please either comment here, message me, or post there if you'd like to report a bug, request a feature, or offer feedback. There's also one hidden command :)
You can call multiple commands in one comment. Here's a description of the commands you can use:

Market Data:

Responds with the USD price of one bitcoin from an average of six of the top bitcoin exchanges (BTC-E, Bitstamp, Bitfinex, Coinbase, Kraken, Cryptsy).
crypto_bot ticker 
Responds with the USD price of one bitcoin at seven exchanges (all of the ones listed above, plus LocalBitcoins). Also lists the average at the bottom.
crypto_bot [exchange] 
Responds with the USD price of one bitcoin from [exchange] (any of the seven listed above).
crypto_bot [litecoin|ltc|dogecoin|doge] 
Responds with the USD price of one litecoin, or the price of 1 doge and 1,000 doge.
crypto_bot litecoin|ltc [exchange] 
Responds with the USD price of one litecoin from BTC-E, Bitfinex, Kraken, or Cryptsy.
crypto_bot [currency] 
Responds with the price of one bitcoin in the specified currency. Available currencies (symbols): JPY, CNY, SGD, HKD, CAD, NZD, AUD, CLP, GBP, DKK, SEK, ISK, CHF, BRL, EUR, RUB, PLN, THB, KRW, TWD.


crypto_bot [about|info] [arg] 
Responds with a short description about [arg], as well as a link to an external site (Wikipedia,, and some others) for more information. You can list multiple arguments and get a description for each. Available arguments: bitcoin, block chain, transaction, address, genesis, satoshi, mining, confirmation, coinbase, gox, cold wallet, hot wallet.
crypto_bot legal 
Responds with a chart about the legality of bitcoin in 40 countries, copied straight from Wikipedia.
crypto_bot [explain transaction delay|explain tx delay] 
Responds with an explanation of why transactions may take longer to confirm (the bot specifically discusses spam-transaction attacks in this command).

Network information/tools:

crypto_bot difficulty 
Responds with the current difficulty of the bitcoin network.
crypto_bot [height|number of blocks] 
Responds with the current height of the block chain.
crypto_bot retarget 
Responds with what block the difficulty will recalculate at, as well as how many blocks until the network reaches that block.
crypto_bot [unconfirmed transactions|unconfirmed tx] 
Responds with the current number of unconfirmed transactions.
crypto_bot [new address|generate address] 
Responds with a newly-generated public and private key. This is mainly to provide an explanation of what both look like, and contains a clear warning to not use or send bitcoins to the address.
crypto_bot blockinfo [height] 
Responds with information about block #[height], including its hash, time discovered, and number of transactions.
crypto_bot [address] 
Responds with information about [address], including its balance and number of transactions.
crypto_bot [transaction_id] 
Responds with information about [transaction_id], including what block it was included in, its size, and its inputs and outputs.


crypto_bot calc <# miningspeed> [#][w] [#][kwh] [#][difficulty] [hc$#] [$#] [#%] 
Responds with calculations and information about how a miner would do with the above data (mining calculator). The only required field is mining speed. Order of the arguments does not matter. Everything other than hashrate defaults to the following if not given: w (watts): 0, kwh ($kilowatt cost/hour): 0, difficulty: current network difficulty, hc$ (hardware cost): $0, $: current bitcoin price in usd (according to Coinbase), % (pool fee): 0. The calculator does not account for nor allow for input of the increase/decrease of difficulty over time, though I may add this feature soon. Working hashing speeds: h/s, kh/s, mh/s, gh/s, th/s, ph/s.
Example usage: "crypto_bot calc 30th/s 10w .12kwh hc$55 1.5%" (to make it easier to remember, th/s can also be inputted as ths). This calls the bot with a hashrate of 30 th/s, electricity usage of 10w, a cost of $.12 kWh, a hardware cost of $55, and a pool fee of 1.5%.
crypto_bot number of btc <$amount to convert> [bp$bitcoin price] 
Responds with the number of bitcoins you could buy with <$amount to convert>. If the comment specifies a [bp$bitcoin price], it calculates it with that exchange rate. Otherwise, it uses the rate from Coinbase.
Example usage: "crypto_bot $419.29 bp$180.32" This calculates how many bitcoins you can buy if you have $419.29 and the bitcoin exchange rate is $180.32.


SignMessage! "" 
Signs a message in the bitcoin block chain in a transaction using OP_RETURN. The message must be less than 40 characters.
Example usage: "SignMessage! "Post messages in the block chain!""
I hope you find this bot useful! Again, if you have any questions or comments, please either comment on this post, message me, or post on /crypto_bot.
Update 1 (June 24, 2015, 17:35): The bot now responds with information if you post a link to a block, transaction, or address on in a comment, even if you don't call it. For example, if I wrote "" in a comment, it would respond with information about block #362,377.
Update 2 (July 10, 2015, 1:59): The bot now has two additional commands: "unconfirmed transactions" (or "unconfirmed tx") and "explain transaction delay" (or "explain tx delay"). The first command responds with the number of unconfirmed transactions, and the second explains why transactions might take extra time to confirm.
Update 3 (August 24, 2015, 1:34): The bot now responds in a better way than before when transaction ids or addresses are posted. Before, it only responded when the transaction id or address was used in a link to Now the bot will respond whenever a transaction id or address is posted at all; a link to is no longer necessary.
Update 4 (August 27, 2015, 3:00): The bot can now sign messages in the Bitcoin block chain using OP_RETURN.
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Easier method to buy Bitcoin Cash needed

Whomever gets this done first will make a lot of money. Right now it's easy using CEX or Coinbase to buy Bitcoin, especially Coinbase's repeat system. We just need one for Bitcoin Cash right now.
We've been talking with people about Bitcoin Cash and right now the hardest part to get started is getting BCH in your wallet to begin with. Using exchanges looks scary to most people. Especially with all the ticker symbols, graphs, etc, they think stock market ahhh.
Our company will NOT be filling this need. We believe in decentralization and as such our slice will be helping website owners accept it. One of the flaws with BTC is that there is a small core group who is heavily into all the major areas of the system.
We've already been approached by another dev to combine forces on making accepting BCH easy, and I explained that I'd be happy to help/give feedback but think we should continue as two separate entities. Variety and competition is good, centralization is not!
Anyways - that got side tracked. But it would be awesome if someone made it really easy to fund your Bitcoin Cash wallet.
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Good day friends, permit me to introduce you to my second write-ups on atomic swap. This is another form of having the knowledge properly.
This substance will acquaint you with Atomic Swap trade given by the Atomic wallet. It will cover the significance of Atomic swap, how secure it is and how to complete it with the protected Atomic wallet.
The achievement of bitcoin which was the primary digital money cleared path for other blockchain ventures to make their diverse coins and token to give answers for genuine issues in various divisions. Insights have it that there's right now in excess of 2000 diverse digital forms of money out there, therefore as these distinctive coins fills in as cash, there's a requirement for a stage where they can be trade and this prompts the rise of numerous cryptographic money trade.
This previous year, a great many shoppers have had horrible encounters with the utilization of different accessible wallet and trades, similar to the Bittrex locking represents months, Coinbase regularly smashing and loosing wires, Binance disallowing new clients from making accounts, rise of different phishing site impersonating to Coincheck and Bithumb being hacked, for all intents and purposes each client of these stages have encountered a considerable amount of problems at some time.
These horrible encounters can be credited to numerous elements, for example, the centralization of these trades that keeps every one of the exercises of the trade on a focal server in which if there's any framework disappointment, the entire trade will be defenseless to hack assaults.
With all these rate, there's a requirement for a superior chance and the atomic wallet is receiving the atomic swap innovation to make a non-custodial trade where client can without much of a stretch swap their crypto resources.
LEARN ATOMIC SWAP NOW Atomic swap is a brilliant contract innovation that empowers trade of one digital currency for another without utilizing brought together delegates, for example, trades. Atomic swaps can happen specifically between blockchains of various digital forms of money or they can be directed off-chain, far from the fundamental blockchain.
Before I continue with how to swap diverse crypto resources with the Atomic swap given by the atomic wallet, I'll like to tell you that with nuclear wallet, you can complete swap of crypto resources as well as play out a scope of usefulness, for example, a wallet for in excess of 300 unique coins and tokens, a simple door to purchase crypto with your bank card, the chance to utilize moment trades, for example, changelly and shapeshift. Essentially, nuclear wallet develops to decrease the exertion and time spent on overseeing crypto resources. The nuclear makes a this functionalities conceivable in one stage which is accessible on basically all working frameworks.
  1. The initial step is setting up your wallet on the off chance that you are not utilizing atom wallet yet, download the perfect wallet for your working framework from the authority download connect:
Set up the wallet and spare you seed key safely.
  1. After effectively setting up your wallet, click on the nuclear swap tab in the left corner of the wallet.
Here, There are three tabs "Markets", "Spot request" and "My requests"
  1. Make your very own Swap Order
  2. Acknowledge existing Swap Order
click on the "Spot request" tab, and pick the two coins you need to swap by tapping on the coins ticker.
You can utilize the bolt symbol to change the exchanging pair. At that point set the value, set the exchange rate and Place the request.
With tapping the "Propelled settings" you can determine variable qualities with,so that other individuals will almost certainly pick the amount they need to trade. Subsequent to setting the min sum, click on spot request.
By tapping on "Market value" you can set the extensive/little cost than the market cost. You will most likely set the "Edge percent". At that point click Place request
You can generally check your request history by tapping on My requests" tab in the upper piece of the wallet. Despite the fact that you need to hold up until somebody begin Atomic Swap with you.
You will be asked for to endorse the swap with your atomic wallet secret phrase When somebody will begin Atomic Swap with you.
To acknowledge existing swap orders, you need to tap available tab in the upper piece of the wallet. Here, you will see all the accessible crypto resources markets and their present change rates
  1. pick any of your preferred accessible exchanging pair and snap the SWAP catch
  2. A window will open which will demonstrate to you the request detail and you'll additionally be asked for to give your atomic wallet secret phrase, at that point send Swap ask for to the maker of the exchange request and pause while the maker affirms it
  3. At the point when the maker acknowledges the demand and the swap is confused, all the checkboxes will be green.
  4. You can generally check your exchange Histories by tapping on the History tab in the left corner of the application.
  5. Your swapped resource will be credited into your wallet.
Making a swap is as simple as that with the Atomic wallet. Watch out for my next audit which will covers how to BUY CRYPTOS with atomic wallet.
Its is crystal clear that atomic wallet has setnto reach every crypto clients on this network as the wallet give all the diverse functionalities expected to effortlessly oversee crypto resources in a single stage. Prior to now, there hasn't been an extremely protected and simple approach to trade resources. Indeed, even with the decentralized trade out there, however nuclear wallet makes this conceivable with the Atomic swap innovation.
Android download : ... omicwallet
Website :
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Exchanges Policies on SegWit2X - Most Say Original Bitcoin is “BTC”, SegWit2x chain is “B2X”

1) Coincheck Exchange: Existing Bitcoin will retain BTC, SegWit2X will be "referred to as “B2X”
2) HitBTC: original chain is “BTC”, SegWit2x chain is “B2X”
3) CEX.IO: original chain is “BTC”, SegWit2x chain is “B2X”
4) CoinsBank: original chain is “BTC”
5) eToro will refer to the Bitcoin Core coin as BTC and the newly created coin as Bitcoin2X (B2X)
6) OKEx has said Bitcoin will keep BTC ticker symbol. The spilt token supporting Segwit2x will be named as BT2
7) MERCADO Bitcoin: original chain is “BTC”
8) BitMEX: original chain is “BTC” - BitMEX will not list coins on the SegWit2x chain at all, nor offer any other type of support.
9) GDAX will continue referring to the current bitcoin blockchain as Bitcoin with ticker BTC and the forked blockchain as Bitcoin2x with ticker B2X.
10) Bitfinex: incumbent "will continue to trade as BTC even if the B2X chain has more hashing power."
11) COINBASE: "Following the fork, we will continue referring to the current bitcoin blockchain as Bitcoin with the symbol ‘BTC’. We will refer to the new blockchain resulting from the fork as Bitcoin2x with the symbol ‘B2X’."
Some of these exchanges may change their mind later, based on price, market cap, community support & which chain has the most accumulated difficulty.
7) Coinbase FAQ:
8) Coinbase Clarification:
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Lesson to Miners & Businesses - Don't Mess With Bitcoin BTC

Is SegWit2X (aka B2X) dead on arrival, now that it is obvious that incumbent Bitcoin will retain name and ticker symbol BTC, as predicted?
If SegWit2X fails, my guess is that this is bullish for Bitcoin Cash too!
Coinbase has announced " Following the fork, we will continue referring to the current bitcoin blockchain as Bitcoin with the symbol ‘BTC’. We will refer to the new blockchain resulting from the fork as Bitcoin2x with the symbol ‘B2X’."
This is a HUGE lesson for miners. You do NOT control Bitcoin. Users & owners (the market) control Bitcoin!
This is a HUGE lesson for the major businesses in Bitcoin. You do NOT control Bitcoin. Users & owners (the market) control Bitcoin!
Now, after Coinbase's announcement, the chances are much higher that SegWit2X will fail, in its stated purpose to takeover name Bitcoin and ticker symbol BTC, and will probably become just another Alt Coin, or may not launch at all!
Let the huge team of expert Core developers continue with their work to scale Bitcoin properly, using side chains, adding Lightning, and other off chain solutions.
This is an educational post, & is based on my current knowledge, which is limited. I could be wrong. Please carry out your own research.
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Since the inception of cryptocurrency and the bitcoin technology, there has been different platform and trading for cryptocurrency blockchains, we know that the bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, a form of electronic cash. It is a decentralized digital currency without a central bank or single administrator that can be sent from user-to-user on the peer-to-peer bitcoin network without the need for intermediaries.
Chimpion is an all in one ecommerce, point of sale, digital wallet with crypto to fiat settlement system. Chimpion’s is launching e-commerce storefronts that allow merchants to accept cryptocurrency payments, choosing their favorite altcoin as the base currency denomination and allowing the merchant to settle their crypto into fiat through a stablecoin.
Chimpion (CHIMP) provides merchants with a simple yet sophisticated cryptocurrency payment system with a custom e-commerce and settlement backend. Through Chimpion’s innovative technology, merchants can launch full-fledged e-commerce storefronts and accept cryptocurrency payments online, with the option to set the coin of their choice as the base currency denomination. With a built-in incentive program and dedicated wallet, Chimpion gives businesses a seamless connection to the world of digital commerce.


Chimpion is derived from the word “champion”, to signify both the coin’s superiority over incumbent cryptocurrencies and the organization’s core mission of championing the adoption of crypto for e-commerce. The word “champion” has a similar pronunciation in many widely-spoken languages, making Chimpion a highly relevant name to numerous cultures. Monkeys have historically played an important role in both Chinese and Indian culture.
The chimpanzee was chosen as a mascot to represent Chimpion because of the species’ association with exploration, being one of the first animals to travel into space. Likewise, Chimpion is pioneering a new era of transacting by driving the adoption of cryptocurrency for e-commerce.
Chimps are also known to be highly intelligent compared to other animals, even surpassing human memory of numerals in some cases, which symbolizes the benefits of a blockchain-enabled economy. Highly community-focused and even capable of empathy, altruism and self-awareness, the chimpanzee is a fitting symbol for Chimpion, which aims to drastically improve the way humans exchange value.

Dual-Token Dynamic

Chimpion (CHIMP) powers our merchant storefronts and e-commerce ecosystem. It is the bounty incentive to onboard merchants in an effort to drive adoption. CHIMP will also be the base currency denomination in the Chimpion Store, which will feature our exclusive apparel product line along with gift cards from major retailers and merchants from the Chimpion directory.
Banana Token (BNANA) is the reward layer of the Chimpion ecosystem. BNANA is earned through purchases from Chimpion merchants using CHIMP or any other cryptocurrency. BNANA functions like points on a loyalty card, which can be redeemed for promotional offers, discounts, and exclusive products.

Coin Specifications

Chimpion is hosted on the EOS blockchain using Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS). DPoiS, a method invented by Dan Larimer, resolves many of the problems seen in Proof-of-Work (PoW) and Proof-of-Stake (PoS) systems. In a DPoS system, a technological democracy is created by a community of block producers and staked users that agree to a certain set of rules.
DPoS and PoS are two different protocols; in a PoS system, every wallet that contains coins is able to participate in process of validating transactions and forming consensus, thus the more coins in your wallet, the more coins you will eventually receive. With DPoS system every wallet that contains coins is able to vote for representatives. These representatives validate transactions and form consensus, and are paid for their efforts through the system. This avoids a pitfall of PoS, which is that, just like in PoW, consolidation will eventually occur.


Chimpion’s crypto e-commerce platform is powered by a unique, delegated proof-of-stake (dPoS) consensus. Our engineers have developed the Proof-of-Store as Proof-of-Stake (poS as PoS) protocol, allowing any Chimpion-powered merchant storefront to become a masternode on the CHIMP blockchain. The Chimpion blockchain will initially operate in the form of an EOS smart contract, which will migrate to its own chain upon the launch of our mainnet. This will enable us to integrate our advanced e-commerce platform with a secure smart contract blockchain that will feature loyalty rewards, dApps, and token creation for our merchants.


By holding Chimpion (CHIMP), merchants gain access to Chimpion’s robust crypto e-commerce platform for free, without a monthly subscription fee. Developed by Shopping Cart Elite, Chimpion’s crypto e-commerce platform combines the features of popular e-commerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce with the convenience of payment processors like Stripe. Our cryptocurrency storebuilder does not require any additional plugins and will be further enhanced with future dApps.
Chimpion also functions as a payment processing system and checkout method, similar to Stripe. Unlike with Coinbase and BitPay, Know Your Customer (KYC) processes are not necessary, as merchants can choose to either settle their funds in cryptocurrency or automatically sell for their preferred stablecoin with assured privacy. The following stablecoins are supported: USDT, TUSD, USDC, GUSD (NYDFS-approved), and PAX (NYDFS-approved).

Chimpion Core

Chimpion’s in-house developed proprietary system is currently being migrated to EOS and includes Paytomat Core in the form of an EOS smart contract and services responsible for maintaining merchant accounts and balances, merchant interfaces (Merchant Web Panel, Merchant App, POS integrations, and e-commerce plugins), and consumer apps (non-custodial cryptocurrency wallets).

Empowering Merchants

Chimpion’s primary goal is to grow the adoption of cryptocurrency as a payment solution by creating a rich e-commerce platform centered on digital assets. We look to not just onboard merchants, but also to create partnerships with the core teams of established crypto projects. Through Chimpion, new startups and established merchants alike can utilize our vast network and propose their business concepts to various cryptocurrency projects. If core teams do not take notice, Executive Diamond Node holders can vote to select that project to receive funding.
As an example, take the following scenario:
Carlos wants to start a dress shirt brand by launching a Litecoin-denominated storefront through Chimpion, where all products are listed at 1 LTC regardless of price volatility. He wants to cater to the Litecoin community so he buys a given amount of CHIMP and submits a proposal to receive funding. Carlos needs $20,000 as initial capital and a $5,000 monthly allowance. The Chimpion community votes
in favor of his project, so he receives the funding in CHIMP and his storefront is listed in the Chimpion directory. Charlie Lee, founder of Litecoin, takes notice and promotes Carlos’ business to his 700,000 Twitter followers.
By pairing the right concept with the right core team, Chimpion creates an ecosystem where real businesses selling physical goods and services will help drive the adoption of various cryptocurrency projects, benefiting everyone – merchants, developers, and investors.
Our target audience consists of three customer types including cryptocurrency core teams, merchants wanting to accept crypto, and customers paying with crypto.


The Chimpion network will be secured with 256 bit SSL encryption and advanced security measures will be taken to ensure privacy and data protection. The Paytomat centralized merchant dashboard and Shopping Cart Elite databases will remain on Shopping Cart Elite-hosted servers and the database vault will be hosted on Amazon EC2 for the duration of 2019. In 2020, the database vault will be migrated to the Chimpion blockchain.


BCD PAY WALLET is integrated with #chimpion network, it is a mobile wallet that can be downloaded from google play store with a friendly and an easy to use interface. Every smartphone could become a sophisticated banking platform where users can transact and place orders on the go. Users can use it to send and receive a vast range of digital assets, pay for deliveries, shop online securely because it has the latest security functionality. BCD PAY WALLET GOOGLE PLAY DOWNLOAD
BCD PAY WALLET APK ANDROID DOWNLOAD The mobile application will also be made available on iOS (Apple Play Store) soon, the app will serve as a mobile payment gateway, users will be able to use digital assets to pay for services rendered to them instead of the use FIAT (Government issued currency.) that was traditionally used for payment. The wallet supports all ERC-20 tokens, all EOS tokens, Bitcoin Diamond, Bitcoin Core, Litecoin, Dash, Ethereum, Waves, Bitcore, and many others.


  1. BCD Bazaar
  2. Marks Jewelers
  3. Mahone’s Wallpaper Shop
  4. Rosetta Coffee


BNANA is the abbreviation of CHIMPION TOKEN which was created on the EOS blockchain, it is EOS compliant. BNANA is a digital asset that is virtual & electronic which will be used as the standard mode of payment for services rendered on #chimpion platform. Users or holders can purchase merchandise from any merchants on CHIMPION powered online stores without any hiccup.





Website :
White paper :
User name Bounty0x : sobaint1
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can somebody possibly help me with this?

So I posted this under web design and someone told me that it was in the java script and hadn't gotten any other answers than that..
What I am trying to do is trying to make this text a bit smaller a bit smaller so that it will fit in my header on muse and also trying to get rid of that little "Embedded by tradingview" thing at the bottom if at all possible.. I tried to adjust the code with changing the numbers in front of the px and I also tried just erasing the majority of the top part but none of that worked so hopefully you guys will know better than me.. Hopefully (Fingers Crossed)
Here it is: TradingView Widget BEGIN

TradingView Widget END
Heres the code
and heres a picture so you know what im talking about..
Please let me know thanks!
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Interview with Inventor about PoWH3D

Hello Internet,
So I am basically completely new to this whole crypto thing. I set out to learn a little about it and one project I stumbled upon seemed very interesting to me. After joining their discord, I got a chance to PM with someone on their dev team and do a little interview. I thought I would share it with everyone here, as I'm sure they have similar questions.
The project is called PoWH. It stands for Proof of Weak Hands. It grabbed my attention at first because it kinda has this whole meme-speak kinda feel, which made me think of Dogecoin. Reading on their page and watching the chats in their discord made me intrigued as to what it all means. They talk about simulated markets, pyramids, 3D currency, PoS and Masternodes, hybrid economic systems, self inflating and deflating currency, and all sorts of things I know nothing about.
I recommend looking at it for yourself and forming your own opinions. At the bottom of this interview I'll post my link to their site. Check it out. Without further adieu, here's my interview with a person from their team who goes by the discord handle "Inventor"

--1) What is a "3D Cryptocurrency"--

3D = 3 dimensions of economic product distribution, PoWH3D is a simulated economic model. All economies have an output, let's call this economic product. In our system, this product is distributed in three ways. That creates a hybrid model, and that's where the 3D part comes from.
So the first dimension or form of distribution follows the socialist economic model. We call this our passive income. In socialism, everyone in an economic system has invested to create the whole system, and so everyone deserves some of the economic product derived from that system. When a user buys P3D tokens, even if they never do anything with them, they receive passive income in the form of dividends.
The next layer or second dimension or second form of distribution follows a labor based economic model. In a labor based economy a person only receives a portion of economic product based on the amount of work they do. We call this our active income. So in PoWH3D, to earn active income someone performs the work of marketing, aka putting their referral link out there on the internet. Since they are performing work that's bringing new economic product into the system, they are directly paid a portion of that product.
The 3rd dimension or layer of distribution follows the capitalist economic model. Capitalism is the idea that you make or lose capital off of investments. We call this our investment income. P3D can be played just like any other cryptocurrency in a capitalist sense by trying to earn profit via buying low and selling high.
So I think it's really exciting being part of a project that's trying to bring something new to the cryptosphere. Right now virtually every cryptocurrency out there only has 1 dimension of play, the capitalist aspect. Which creates a system very dependent on hype and fud. Usually centralized around a single body, that currencies development team. Part of the whole purpose of crypto is to create decentralized systems, where the success of each one of those systems is in the hands of its users (decentralized). By adding in two extra dimensions we really incentivize growth based on the actions of users.

--2) What is P3D?--

So the name of our product in long hand is Proof of Weak Hands 3D. Short of that would be PoWH3D. Now in crypto everyone needs a ticker symbol. So P3D is our ticker symbol, or the name of our coin. Proof of Weak Hands 3D = the name of the project. P3D = name of coin.

--3) Why should I be interested in this?--

I think that really depends on the motivations of the individual. For the vast majority of people, I think it could act as stable and safe place to park their crypto. For others that are looking for a more aggressive return on investment this could be attractive due to the potential for active income. And last for investment speculators (capitalist) that realize the potential growth of this due to psychological factors created by our PoS/Masternode system, this would be a great thing to get in on. Lets elaborate for the mass majority first.
The speed of crypto moves insanely quick. A lot of people have lives and jobs and can't be bothered to check news on their crypto investments every 30 minutes. For people looking for a long term place to park their coins, this would be a great project. This is mostly due to the passive income earned. It's kind of like having a savings account. If you were saving up your fiat currency, you wouldn't keep it in a checking account that earns no interest. Instead you would stick it into a savings account, or CD, or something that offers a return. Although the earnings off this are not of a guaranteed or constant rate, but instead dependent on volume and activity, they are still likely to exceed what you would get from a traditional savings or CD account.
For the second category of people there is not a whole lot to elaborate on. The marketing system of referral links offers them, the ability to control their own income based on the amount of labor they do getting their referral link out there. I think what makes our system more interesting for marketers like that, is that they can withdraw their ETH earned at anytime. The pay is instant. The moment someone uses their reflink and buys in, they receive their referral bonus (ETH).
Our last group, the investors, so people who like to make their money off trading crypto (capitalist/traders) currently in the cryptosphere kind of live in a nightmare of extreme volatility. There are rapid swings up and down, and the market is open 24/7. This makes something like taking a shower, eating dinner, or spending time with your family, let alone sleeping for 6-10 hours, kind of a nightmare cause your worried about your crypto holdings. Also they trade on exchanges where price is controlled by an order book. Such a system is very easy for whales (very rich people) or group market psychology, to manipulate with buy and sell walls. Our system mechanics change all this, and I think capitalist (traders) would find our it attractive because our price is controlled by an algorithm, making planning entry and exit of a position more predictable.
Any traders worst nightmare is buying at an All Time High (ATH) and then experiencing a crash afterwards. Although that could happen in our system, instead of being stuck holding bags (holding coins that are no longer worth what you paid for them), until a new ATH is attained, a person playing this from the trader aspect could shift focus to marketing. This would allow them to receive active income to offset/recoup losses from the crash. It also could help the currency value grow back up to or above the ATH they entered their position in. So for traders, this has a built in security blanket, in that fashion.
Ultimately I will just close this part by reminding people that this is just a simulated economic model. To be played as a game. There is no promise that your going to earn off this. It's a system where, yes, that is possible, but it all depends on how you play it. Like any closed loop economic model, some players win, and some players lose. This is just more attractive than other models, because it gives you more ways to play.

--4) Why not just start with Bitcoin or another established cryptocurrency?--

2017 and before were the years of Bitcoin. All the huge gains to made off BTC have likely already happened. The world media and global consensus, based on analysis of cryptocurrency trends, have decided that 2018 is "The Year of The Altcoin" (so coins other than Bitcoin). So these are the trends and patterns that everyone knows about. In the back channels of the internet are places where technology is being developed that will be the trends of the future. In many of those back channels people believe that 2019 will be the year of the "Smart Contract" and the rise of Crypto Gaming products governed by smart contract. PoWH3D is a smart contract.

--5) Is this friendly to new investors with zero crypto experience and experienced alike?--

So for people with absolutely zero crypto experience, this will be a lot easier than most exchanges, or other ways of getting into crypto. By that I mean that the technical knowledge that someone needs to learn to interact with our system is very low. Basically they just have to install metamask and visit our website ( Our UI/front end (website) design, is pretty clean, straightforward and simple. We wanted it to be easy for people to interact with. For experienced players in the crypto sphere, this is a breeze.

--6) What do you need to participate in this? What's it cost?--

Step 1) You'll need Ethereum (ETH), which you can get through popular services like CoinBase ( Currently we are working on building a system to add other types of crypto you could use though.
Step 2) Install the MetaMask Plugin for your browser, which can be done on a computer or mobile device. (
Step 3) Visit our page> click "exchange"> and click buy. (
As far as cost? As much or as little as someone wants to put into it. There are no minimums or maximums.

--7) How is this profitable? How does this work?--

Profit comes from the Proof of Weak Hands concept. And from fees the system charges to use it. When a user buys into the system, a 10% fee is taken and distributed to all other players who are holding P3D coin. There is also a fee on trades and sells, all of this constitutes volume (activity). So any amount of volume will generate a distribution of the fees to holders. If a player holds until either (A) the price goes up to where they can sell at a profit, or (B) they have earned enough passive or active dividends, to have generated a profit, then they "win". We call this having "Strong Hands". Where as having "Weak Hands" would be someone who enters and exits the system at a loss. So strong hands profit from weak hand's loss. In the simplest form, value is only being exchanged from one hand to another, depending on how a player plays.

--8) How do I know this isn't a scam?--

Our system is governed by Smart Contract. For people new to crypto, a smart contract is a piece of programming code that is uploaded to the blockchain. Once uploaded it can never be modified or destroyed. We chose to publish our code open source, so that it is 100% transparent. So for as long as computers, electricity, and the blockchain exist, PoWH3D will exist. And the rules that govern it (the smart contract) can never be changed. Our smart contract has been audited and peer reviewed to ensure that there are no code errors, logic flow errors, underflow or overflow exploits, exit scams, pre-mines, self destruct codes, or administrator back doors. Being opens source, anyone can read the code, and verify all this for themselves.
Although this product is young, there have already been people who have copied our code and website, with modifications that make those variants a scam, and published them elsewhere. To try and trick people. That is something that is obviously outside our control. That said, we always do everything within our power, to keep everyone informed about scams that try to look like us. I recommend joining our discord server to keep up to date with that stuff. ( Since I have this opportunity here, I want to say, do not use the websites powhcoin dot com, or powh3d dot com. Those are not us. But lookalike scams. Our official website is powh dot io. I recommend only interacting with the smart contract through that site, or better yet, learning how to directly interact via the blockchain through tools like metamask. This would ensure that you are always interacting with the right smart contract.

--9) So how can this cryptocurrency be used?--

As covered in question number 3, it’s mostly a buy/sell/trade/hold type of use case at the moment. However part of this projects philosophy and system encourages autonomous community based development. Which means that other dapps (cryptocurrency based applications and software) can build systems that utilize this. Sure, that's true for almost any crypto. Nothing new there. It's a promise that experienced crypto players hear from every ICO out there. But what makes our product different, is the fact that usage/volume generates profit for everyone. Effectively this system creates community based ownership of ALL products built upon it. I think that is going to be a huge marketing tool for developers moving into the future.
I had a lot more typed up on this that I wanted to say, but due to the competitive nature and speed at which the crypto sphere evolves, I'm not going to say too much more. There's already a few exciting projects along those lines in the works. Albeit in the small scale experimental phase.

--10) As this coin gains popularity, what kind of outlook are you expecting your users to see?--

If you mean a price target, in the smart contract world, we don't use traditional price targets. A normal price target you would talk about a price per coin at a certain point in the future. In smart contracts, we instead talk about the total amount put into the smart contact. With our product, neither of these really matter. Instead it's all about volume. Like I started this interview with, this product is a simulated market and hybrid economic system. It purpose is distribution of economic product. That distribution is instantaneous, with any type of transaction (buy/sell/trade). So the focus for measure of success is all about volume. The more active the economic system, the more successful it is. Players who hold P3D coin, generally shouldn't care wither it's going up or down, but more care about the volume.
But if you want an estimate about total amount of ETH in the contract, say in 1 month, 6 months, or 12 months, I honestly don't know. This is uncharted territory here. Nothing like this has been created before. So trying to guess it's popularity, is unpredictable. My focus is more on developing this product into something with further use cases. So I take the standpoint of make a quality product/system, and let it speak for itself. I would 100% be willing to trade my house for ETH, and if anyone takes me up on that offer, I would be putting a large chunk of that into buying P3D, if that says anything about my personal outlook. Remember though, that rule number 1 in crypto, is never put in more than you can afford to lose.

--11) Can I be as risky or safe with this, and still profit?--

Any typical investment into crypto is a risk due to volatility of the whole cryptosphere. It’s all grey area. All unknowns. With our hybrid economic model, leverage against risk is built into the system. For example, say you bought 100 P3D coins for 0.02 ETH a piece. And then the price dropped shortly afterwards to just 0.01 ETH a piece. Because of our fee and dividend distribution you would of earned some returns off of the volume that lead to that price drop. If you continue to hold (have strong hands) even if the price per coin stays hovering around the 0.01 ETH point, you will keep earning passive dividends off of the volume. Over a long enough period of holding, this would produce a ROI, even without any labor or effort on your behalf. But say that's not quick enough for you. And you want to expedite the actualization of ROI, you could use your referral link to increase your dividend earnings. This puts more control in your hands of getting to a break even or profit point. Even after experiencing a large crash.
In one dimensional crypto currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, etc... if you bought at 0.02 ETH per coin, and it dropped per 0.01 ETH per coin value and stayed there, you are just fucked. The only entities that are making money off of that situation, are the exchanges, which make their profit off of volume. With our product, its like you own the exchange. So your leveraging the risk with your ownership in the system, and mostly only care about volume. Like I said though. Rule number one in crypto is never put in what you can't afford to lose. And ultimately, I cannot emphasize enough to your readers, that our system we have built is intended as an experiment. A game. A test of a hybrid economic model, and alternative market system. It's an experiment that seeks to study what would happen if we had a self inflating/deflating currency, what would the market effects be of getting rid of the order book trading system, and replaced it with one where price is based on volume, and an experiment of how to hybridize the distribution of economic product in a way that offers multiple layers of incentive and multiple modes of play. It asks the question of, can we build a system that solves the real world's problems related to these aspects of our global economic system. And can we do it with mechanics that in their own nature, incentivise perpetual sustainability and continuous autonomous community development. It's not intended to be looked at as an investment. But as an experiment or a game. This is why our page is made up of meme-speak and treats it like a meme-coin. Do with it what you will. But do so at your own risk and always do your own research.
Well, internet, that's all we had time for, and is already a lot to digest. If this makes you as intrigued about the PoWH3D project like it has me, then please use my reflink below as a "thanks" for the time I put into writing this up. (autonomous community development in action?).
-Coffee Seal
submitted by CoffeeSeal to u/CoffeeSeal [link] [comments]

Does anyone send ETH to them ?

Arcade Token ($ARCD) sale is now live. Pre-sale rate ends tomorrow Nov 30 @ 11:59pm PST.
Hello folks, last update before our public token sale "officially" begins December 1st. The announcement post with full details goes live early on December 1st. As one of our earliest mailing list subscribers, we wanted to give you one last chance to participate in our Arcade Token pre-sale if you haven't already.
Last night we deployed our live token sale contract to the Ethereum mainnet. It's tested and works great. You can see initial transactions here. Video of the deployment here. Code on GitHub here and verified on Etherscan here. Blog post introducing the token economics is here.
The pre-sale ratio is 285,000 Arcade Tokens per 1 ETH. Compare to 200,000 for the public sale.
As we also said on Twitter here, we have decided out of an abundance of caution to switch the planned ticker symbol of the Arcade Token from ATX to ARCD. There is a barely-used coin called Artex ($ATX) that may cause issues with some exchanges with strict policies about ensuring no conflicts in ticker symbols. We have selected the ARCD symbol, which is unused by any other crypto project.
You have one last opportunity for pre-sale rates, expiring November 30th at 11:59pm PST:
Make sure your wallet can handle ERC-20 tokens (NOT Coinbase or similar exchange). We recommend MyEtherWallet or MetaMask.
Any ETH you send to our token sale address (again, ONLY from a wallet like MEW or MetaMask that supports ERC-20 tokens), you will receive Arcade Tokens immediately to the same address you sent from.
Any transactions received to the sale address (0x7ef8873220958Ea400d505a9C92D6ae24F34D55E) before November 30 at 11:59pm PT will receive Arcade Tokens at the pre-sale rate. TOKEN SALE ADDRESS: 0x7ef8873220958ea400d505a9c92d6ae24f34d55e From the smart contract you will automatically receive tokens at a ratio of 200,000 Arcade Tokens per 1 ETH to the same address you sent the ETH from.
Separately we will manually transfer you this week an additional 85,000 Arcade Tokens per 1 ETH, to bring you to the pre-sale rate of 285,000 Arcade Tokens per ETH. (For simplicity's sake, the smart contract has one rate for the entire sale.)
If you do not send your transaction before the pre-sale cutoff time, you will only receive the public (non-presale) rate of 200K tokens per 1 ETH.
To see the balance of your Arcade Tokens, just add to your wallet the token address (not the above sale address) 0xb581e3a7db80fbaa821ab39342e9cbfd2ce33c23, symbol ARCD, and 18 decimals, and you will see the ARCD in your account. (Screenshot below of ARCD in my MetaMask wallet -- the first live test transaction.)
I hope all that is clear. If anything is unclear, you can post any questions in our global community Facebook group Arcade City Square, or just wait until our new blog post and token sale webpage go live on Friday, as those will include more detailed instructions.
Best regards,
P.S. Check out what early Bitcoin investor and hedge fund legend Michael Novogratz said at yesterday's Consensus: Invest conference about how to value a decentralized ridesharing token.
P.P.S. We have begun organizing our Arcade City "Builders" in a new invite-only Slack channel. If you want to join, respond to this email for an invitation. Please tell us your background with Arcade City and how you can contribute to building Arcade City in the future.
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Hi can anyone help me with this please?

SO I have been trying to add this ticker at the htop of my website that i am creating using adobe Muse, but for some reason when I upload it it is way to thick and makes it to where yoou can barely se my other header menu, and theres this annoying liittle "Created by Tradingview" thing that appearsa t the bottom, that I also dont want there..
I think that the size issue can be sorted and fixed by me adjusting the size of the text in it. However, when I went to change the numbers in front of the px in the code listed below it did nothing to the widget inside my website, and also I couldnt find or figure out whre it had this little "Embedded by Tradingview" thing so I can erase it and take it out..
I dont know anythin about code so I was hoping someone might be able to help me out?
TradingView Widget BEGIN

TradingView Widget END
Heres the code
and heres a picture so you know what im talking about..
submitted by HOVA89 to web_design [link] [comments]

Presenting 'Bit Patrol'! A FREE lightweight BTC ticker now available on the Mac App Store.

Some more information:
Official Download Link:
Official Facebook Page:
Company Website [Under Construction]
Contact Information: [email protected]
Bit Patrol is a lightweight application that delivers live Bitcoin conversion rates directly to your status bar. It pulls last-price data from a variety of exchanges and across a wide range of currencies allowing for out of the way, constant market monitoring.
Additionally, Bit Patrol implements an advanced, fully customizable alarm & notification system ensuring that you never miss a major market move again.
• User-customizable status display
º Choose to display currency symbols, icons, and add or remove decimal places from price.
• Color coded price ticker that reflects current market direction
º Independent timer module for pulling JSON data at a customizable interval [MIN=1] [MAX=30] seconds.
• Unlimited multi-exchange / multi-currency alarms that issue user notifications and play sounds when triggered.
º More functionality that BitAlarm, monitor any exchange on any currency even when it is not on the default display
º Notifications appear in your Notification Center for easy reference and integration into OS X.
• Active development and superior user support. º Rolling updates (Agile Development Process), quick bug-fixes, and professional support.
I spent the last few weeks developing this for the Bitcoin community. I'd love your support for future updates and product releases. Please take the time to rate, and comment (if you're feeling extra nice) <3
Going to update this post with all known/found bugs. If you find an issue, PLEASE post in the comments below so I can get it fixed. As this is the v 1.0.... I'm sure there are a few pesky issues I missed.
Known Bugs/Issues:
Planned Changes for v1.1:
Suggested Improvements for Later Releases:
submitted by TebroTech to BitcoinMarkets [link] [comments]

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    2. Don't fall for EDA Dragons Den FUD. EDA is a powerful weapon that could kill off or cripple the segwit chain for good. Legacy coin has no EDA crash barrier as this article explains. This is why small blockers use FUD us to disarm the EDA (78 points, 118 comments)
    3. Roger Ver CEO of says that from his point of view the segwit2x split just gives him more coins to sell for the Bitcoin Cash version which he thinks is the more useful Bitcoin @3min41s mark (71 points, 33 comments)
    4. Proof the new Dragons Den plan could be to try to split BCC with an EDA change. Mrhodl is confirmed Dragons Den, and Cobra Bitcoin is the leader of which is making enemy lists for big block supporting businesses. (70 points, 47 comments)
    5. Right now segwit2x (BT2) is trading for $1143 and segwit1x (BT1) is $3070 on Bitfinex futures markets. Even with not the greatest terms, you would expect 2x to be much higher. I believe this bodes well for BCC. (61 points, 112 comments)
    6. The other day people were suggesting we do an EDA change before the November 2x fork. Here is why I think that is a terrible idea, and why we should only consider EDA change AFTER the 2x fork. (58 points, 40 comments)
    7. "Nick, Adam and others saw the flaw in the system being that they could not ensure one vote one person.. The flaw in that reasoning is assuming that one vote one person was ever a goal. Miners act economically not altruistically." (57 points, 14 comments)
    8. Original chain is now only 4.8% more profitable than Bitcoin Cash chain after the most recent EDA adjustment on BCC. Very normal blocktimes. Where is the EDA dragons den FUD now? (53 points, 33 comments)
    9. Great Explanation from Peter Rizun at 6min mark, on why Segregated Witness no longer fits the Definition of Bitcoin in the Whitepaper as a Chain of Signatures. (51 points, 19 comments)
    10. Right now segwit2x is $650 and segwit1x is $3906. Search for BT1 and BT2 on this page and you can see the futures prices. (51 points, 102 comments)
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    1. "Everyone who supported UASF and now complains about S2X out of fear of confusion/lack of mandatory replay protection is a hypocrite. UASF did not have ANY replay protection, not even opt-in. UASF did not even have wipe-out protection!" (394 points, 133 comments)
    2. While /bitcoin was circle-jerking to the idea that no exchange would list the SW2x chain as BTC, Bitcoin Thailand's comment to the contrary was removed from the very same thread! (228 points, 70 comments)
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    1. Bitfinex announcement about issuing BT1 & BT2 "Chain Split Tokens" to allow Futures trading. (BT1 = Segwit1x; BT2 = Segwit2x) (172 points, 173 comments)
    2. By proving that it can be done (getting rid of Core) this will set a HUUGE precedent and milestone that dev teams and even outright censorship cannot overtake Bitcoin. That will be an extremely bullish occasionfor all crypto. (149 points, 84 comments)
    3. Bitfinex is going to call Segwit2x coins "B2X" and let Core chain retain "BTC" ticker symbol. Bitfinex is therefore calling Segwit2x an altcoin and Core the "real chain". (138 points, 70 comments)
    4. The goal of all the forks appears to be to dilute investment in the true forks: Bitcoin Cash and Segwit2x. A sort of Scorched Earth approach by Blockstream. They are going to try to tear down Bitcoin as they get removed. (35 points, 11 comments)
    5. Blockstream be like (10 points, 11 comments)
    6. In light of all these upcoming forks, we need a site where you can put in a BTC address and it checks ALL the forks and says which chains still have a balance for that address. This way you can split your coins and send coins carefully. (6 points, 6 comments)
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    1. Can we take a moment to appreciate Jeff Garzik for how much bullshit he has to deal with while working to give BTC a long-needed upgrade that Core has been blocking for so long? (278 points, 193 comments)
    2. The very objective article "Bitcoin is not ruled by miners" on the "bitcoin wiki" was added by theymos on 8th of August this year. Nothing strange to see here, just an objective, encyclopedia-quality overview! (155 points, 58 comments)
    3. According to Crooked Greg, Jeff merging opt-in replay protection is "alarming", because it must mean Jeff wants to blacklist people's addresses too. Core devs keep lying and manipulating to stir more drama and further the split in the community. Disgusting! (75 points, 16 comments)
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    1. Sam Patterson on Twitter: Can anyone explain why miners and CEOs agreeing to a 2mb hard fork was no big deal with the HKA but is a "corporate takeover" with the NYA? (221 points, 85 comments)
    2. Apparently Bitcoin requires trust now - trusting Core. I didn't get that memo. I think I'll opt out. (169 points, 139 comments)
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    1. Friendly reminder: if you haven't yet, watch this video which shows reddit is gamed and manipulated by professional shills paid by companies with huge million dollar budgets. It is up to our community to defend itself against these bad actors. (325 points, 99 comments)
    2. Blockchain CEO Peter Smith on Twitter: "We've dedicated our lives to building bitcoin products, introduced millions to bitcoin, evangelized, long before it was cool. Enemies?" (in response to Adam Back) (147 points, 47 comments)
    3. Liberty in North Korea: Reddit online community members join forces to assist in the placement of North Korea’s Hermit Kingdom refugees (8 points, 3 comments)
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    1. Wikipedia Admins: "[Gregory Maxwell of Blockstream Core] is a very dangerous individual" "has for some time been behaving very oddly and aggressively" (214 points, 79 comments)
    2. Gregory Maxwell: I didn't look to see how Bitcoin worked because I had already proven it (strong decentralized consensus) to be impossible. (122 points, 103 comments)
    3. LAST 1000 BLOCKS: Segwit2x-intent blocks: 922 (92.2%) (98 points, 99 comments)
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    3. Cash, credit ... or Bitcoin? St. John's gets 1st cybercurrency ATM - Newfoundland - Labrador (9 points, 1 comment)
    4. Banks like the potential of digital currencies but are cool on bitcoin, UBS says (3 points, 0 comments)
    5. The Feds Just Collected $48 Million from Seized Bitcoins (3 points, 1 comment)
    6. while Bitcoin users might get increasingly tyrannical about limiting the size of the chain so it's easy for lots of users and small devices. (3 points, 3 comments)
    7. ‘Fraud.’ ‘More than a fad.’ The words Wall Street CEOs are using to describe bitcoin (2 points, 0 comments)
    8. Bitcoin is creating stark divisions on Wall Street (1 point, 0 comments)
    9. Bitcoin: Bitcoin's rise happened in the shadows. Now banks want in (1 point, 0 comments)
    10. Japan’s Biggest Bank Plans to “Overcome” Bitcoin Volatility with 'MUFG Coin' (1 point, 0 comments)
  17. 406 points, 5 submissions: jonald_fyookball
    1. Normal, real twitter users don't add [UASF], [No2x] or any "causes" to their user handles. Obvious astroturfing is obvious. Do they really think they are fooling anyone? (175 points, 134 comments)
    2. Greg Maxwell (and others) may be engaging in the illegal harassment of Jeff Garzik. (92 points, 24 comments)
    3. Bitcoin Cash FAQ updated. Explains why Bitcoin Cash doesn't have SegWit and why it was not considered a capacity increase (87 points, 11 comments)
    4. Is it all a bait and switch campaign? (32 points, 14 comments)
    5. Possible EDA simulation algorithm sketch (20 points, 12 comments)
  18. 404 points, 3 submissions: Annapurna317
    1. Everyone should calm down. The upgrade to 2x has 95%+ miner support and will be as smooth as a hot knife through butter. Anyone that says otherwise is fear monguring or listening to bitcoin propaganda. (364 points, 292 comments)
    2. Notice: Redditor for 3-4 months accounts or accounts that do not have a history of Bitcoin posts are probably the same person or just a few people paid to manipulate discussion here. It's likely a paid astroturfing campaign. (38 points, 30 comments)
    3. The latest TED Radio Hour titled “Getting Organized” talks about the decentralized algorithms of ants and how centralization is not the most ideal state of an organization. (2 points, 0 comments)
  19. 385 points, 1 submission: squarepush3r
    1. Dangerous direction for /btc, possible jump the shark moment. Witch-hunting, paid troll and Dragon Den's accusation to justify censorship. (385 points, 201 comments)
  20. 381 points, 1 submission: hunk_quark
    1. Why is there so much debate on whether Bitcoin is store of value or digital currency? Satoshi's white paper was pretty clear it's a digital currency. (381 points, 182 comments)
  21. 369 points, 5 submissions: craftercrafter
    1. Gavin Andresen on Twitter: Early bitcoin devs luckily picked the right project at the right time. None are irreplaceable, bitcoin will succeed with or without us. (293 points, 57 comments)
    2. Antpool, BTC.TOP & Viabtc all said EDA is a temporary design for BCC. They are just waiting for the new algorithm. (34 points, 19 comments)
    3. SimpleFX, an Online Forex & Cryptocurrency Broker, Adds Bitcoin Cash Payments as well as Bitcoin Cash Trading Pairs! (27 points, 1 comment)
    4. BCC Miners, two EDAs have locked in. This will reduce mining difficulty to 64.00%. If you are aiming to achieve profit parity, you should start mining after the next EDA (in 2.5 hours), because then the difficulty will be at 51%, which gives profit parity on both chains and steady block rate. (9 points, 14 comments)
    5. Antpool, Viabtc,,, we need to hear your voice. In the case of a scheduled hardfork for updating the EDA, will your pool follow? (6 points, 18 comments)
  22. 348 points, 6 submissions: specialenmity
    1. Fact: proof of work which is the foundation of bitcoin and not invented by Adam back was designed to counter attacks where one person falsely represents to be many(like spam). Subreddits and twitter dont form the foundation of bitcoin for a reason. (156 points, 27 comments)
    2. I'm a small blocker and I support the NYA (87 points, 46 comments)
    3. Devs find clever way to add replay protection that doesn't change transaction format which would break software compatibility and cause disruption. G. Max responds by saying that this blacklisting is a sign of things to come. (49 points, 57 comments)
    4. Five ways small blocks (AKA core1mb) hurt decentralization (36 points, 4 comments)
    5. Even if bitcoins only use to society was avoiding negative interest rates, bail-ins + bail-outs, that is incredibly useful to society. Of course a banker like Jamie Dimon would call something a fraud that removes a "bank tax" on society by allowing them to avoid these fraudulent charges. (18 points, 0 comments)
    6. There are different kinds of censorship. The core propagandists are unwittingly great advocates of economic censorship (2 points, 1 comment)
  23. 286 points, 2 submissions: coincrazyy
    1. Rick Falkvinge on Twitter - "Blockstream's modus operandi is not particularly hard to copy. It's just so cheap and shortsighted." -Gets 5000 ReTweets and 5000 likes in 30 mins. TO PROVE A POINT. ASTROTURFING DOES NOT MEAN CONSENSUS (164 points, 15 comments)
    2. Segwit was invented by "cypherpunks" THAT FAILED TO CREATE A VIABLE DIGITAL CURRENCY. Bitcoin was created by a cypherpunk that SUCCEEDED. (122 points, 118 comments)
  24. 257 points, 2 submissions: olivierjanss
    1. Why Bitfinex’s “Chain Split Tokens” are completely biased towards the small block side (again) (205 points, 165 comments)
    2. Reminder of what took place behind closed doors in 2016, revealing Blockstream & Core's quest for domination & lies. (52 points, 3 comments)
  25. 254 points, 9 submissions: SeppDepp2
    1. #SegWit2x is an upgrade to BTC and will use the BTC ticker. (103 points, 59 comments)
    2. Core rage quitting Swiss Bitcoin Association ? - Due to a CSW free speech ? - OMG - grow up little prejudges! (76 points, 141 comments)
    3. "Venezuela could soon decide to adopt the Bitcoin as its new currency" - Hope they'll use Satoshi's Bitcoin Cash - They cannot afford high fees like most No2X / NoCash puppets! (36 points, 6 comments)
    4. A short logical layman proof definition of Bitcoin: Look up, what Bitcoin really is: 1) Whitepaper 2) First code version Bitcoin is Bitcoin Cash and includes e.g. the witness. Segwit - Bitcoin is an alternative to this (ALT). (17 points, 3 comments)
    5. Core gets hyperallergic about a free speach of CSW in neutral Switzerland (6 points, 35 comments)
    6. Different Bitcoins: Value proposition, trust, reputation - confidence (6 points, 0 comments)
    7. Four Different November Scenarios (6 points, 24 comments)
    8. Swiss biggest FinTech launches BITCOIN Tracker (valid up to 2020) (2 points, 1 comment)
    9. Watch out for this kind of pattern! If it comes to such a segregation of good old members into good and enemy its gonna be dirty! (2 points, 0 comments)
  26. 230 points, 2 submissions: williaminlondon
    1. PSA: latest rbitcoin post "It's time to label (and remove from what is plainly obvious: btc is a monetized subreddit for" (126 points, 57 comments)
    2. Did anyone notice how angry Blockstream / Core people are whenever good news are posted here? (104 points, 108 comments)
  27. 227 points, 1 submission: dskloet
    1. All the #no2x bullshit is the fault of the people who agreed to activeate SegWit before 2x. (227 points, 199 comments)
  28. 226 points, 5 submissions: opling
    1. Japan's Largest Bitcoin Exchange Bitflyer Launches Bitcoin Visa Prepaid Card (112 points, 1 comment)
    2. Large Japanese Energy Supplier Adds Bitcoin Payments With a Discount (44 points, 4 comments)
    3. Bitcoin ATMs On the Rise in Russia (40 points, 2 comments)
    4. Russia's Central Bank Instructs Clearinghouse Not to Settle Cryptocurrency Contracts (18 points, 1 comment)
    5. Government Head of IT Department Fired for Mining Bitcoin Using State-Owned Computers in Crimea (12 points, 2 comments)
  29. 222 points, 2 submissions: GrumpyAnarchist
    1. Xapo just sold off another 70,000 BCH today, that might explain the price. They're down to 176K in their main wallet now. (166 points, 132 comments)
    2. Roger, can you make Bitcoin Cash an option, with maybe a link to info, in the original wallet setup phase for the wallet? (56 points, 28 comments)
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    1. TIL a BS employee, Chris Decker, and some other people released a study that says "4 MB blocks don't cause centralization" (128 points, 19 comments)
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  10. Friendly reminder: if you haven't yet, watch this video which shows reddit is gamed and manipulated by professional shills paid by companies with huge million dollar budgets. It is up to our community to defend itself against these bad actors. by BitcoinXio (325 points, 99 comments)

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