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Peter Smith in London. November 22, 2017 Jump to comments section Print this page. A small Paris-based asset manager has launched Europe’s first bitcoin mutual fund in a move intended to draw ... Yves here. I've heretofore avoided the topic of Bitcoin, since I recall the brief fad of the Second Life currency, which then flamed out impressively. And Bitcoin already has had the US Treasury clear its throat and say if market participants try exchanging Bitcoin for dollars, it takes a dim view of that. Recall that the IRS threatened to tax frequent flier miles, but later dropped that idea. We’re choosing the first if we continue to “mine” bitcoin–a currency Yves Smith of nakedcapitalism.com calls “litigation futures.” Anyway, the short version: Bitcoin is a scam Reply Yves Smith Mar 11, 2014. Japan has just decided that Bitcoin is not a currency, which subjects it to sales and income taxes. This is consistent with the view of the Canadian Revenue Service, which has found Bitcoin to be property and not a legal currency, and the… Technology. Walbucks: Bitcoin for Walmart Edward Harrison Feb 5, 2014. This post is about three different topics, Bitcoin and e ... In dieser Woche sprachen wir mit Yves Longchamp, Head of Research bei Ethenea. Zudem lesen Sie eine Analyse zu US-Aktien 02.09.2016

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